IMPORTANT- Please keep in mind the following:

All dancers work for tips throughout all stages of the entire party.

Our guys and girls are exotic dancers, THEY ARE NOT ESCORTS !

Also, please cooperate with and treat the dancers with kindness, respect and to participate in party activities to ensure a fun, longer party for you and your guests.


You as the party host will be responsible for your crowd's behavior. Please assist in keeping your party under control and to comply with the dancers requests.

These are Frequently Asked Questions and or tips we think you should keep in mind as you shop around for Adult Entertainers.

We are a local company that has been based in Syracuse since 1988.  


Are the Dancers in your pictures real Dancers ?   Yes!

All the pictures you see have been supplied by the dancers. No stock photos or pictures cut out of magazines, or pictures of girls no longer working for the company like the one's you will most likely see on some of our competitors' websites.


How come some companies have much lower prices than you ?
Those companies are usually owned and operated by people who are in it for the quick cash. They are not interested in having you as a repeat customer. Remember: Any company representing quality entertainers have to pay them the to show up at a party. For example, if you go to the .99 cent store, expect to see cheap merchandise. You get what you pay for! The Dancers work very similar to Dancers in Strip Clubs. The difference? The club comes to you. The price you pay covers the cost of bringing the club to you!


How long will the dancers perform ?
There are companies out there now that will try to tell you say "Our Dancers will stay at your party all night. Believe us, when they arrive at your party you will be surprised and pissed off when they inform you that this isn't the way it works. Please, don't fall for this misleading tactic. All dancers have schedules. They will stay at your party as long as they can, considering the fact that you and your guests treat them GOOD, but you really can't expect them to stay at your party all night.  Male dancers typically spend 45-60 minutes at your event.  Female dancers are typically 60 minutes with 1 dancer, 90 minutes with 2 dancers.  They will stay longer if the tips are still flowing and their schedules permit it.


When should I book dancers if I have a party coming up? 
We suggest that you schedule as soon as you have the party information. This information would be the date, time, location of the party, phone # and any other information pertinent to the party. 


Our Goal:

To have your business just as much as our competitors, but we will not purposely mislead you and we will give you the honest professional communication and service you deserve. Thank You... 


Selecting The Girls or Guys for Your Party:
Bachelor/ Bachelorette, etc. Parties: Our dancers have busy schedules and different groups are travelling to different areas on any given night.  We will staff your party based on availability that night.  It's too difficult for us to guarantee a specific dancer(s).  You will have quality entertainment at your event if you book with us.


Tips for booking a party:
 When calling to reserve a dancer for your party or using our Online Booking Form, please have the following information ready:
• Date and time for the event
• Location's Address (including phone #) in case there is a question on directions

        (Note: If you are having your party in a bar/restaurant, please check with that establishment ahead of time to make sure that                they will allow this type of entertainment)
• Choice of dancer and costume if known at that time (or we will be glad to go over some of the options available)
• Approximate number of people attending
• Special instructions (ie. Embarrass the guest of honor, be gentle, etc)

• Contact name and number prior to the party and for the night of the party.


How do we make payment ?

Payment can be made by cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Bitcoin, Venmo, and PayPal. You can pay the dancer by cash when they arrive or by credit card in advance.